ATS Fall Gathering 2018

On Thursday, November 1, 2018, The Society's Fall Gathering event was hosted by AKDO. For over 25 years, AKDO has been handcrafting some of the world’s most unique mosaics. While enjoying their warm hospitality, we hope our guests had a chance to view the beautiful mosaics and tiles of their stunning showroom.

The Gathering also shed light on one of The Society’s premier programs,  The Young Society Leaders (YSLs). Launched in 2011, the YSL program convenes a select, diverse group of the American-Turkish community’s most outstanding young leaders. Under Ertem Osmanoglu’s leadership, the YSL program has established new committees one of which is responsible only for various projects led by the YSLs. Gokcen Aygenc, who has been leading the projects committee, has been working with Egemen Duzgoren and Cetin Amato in developing the project “Ipads for Underprivileged Kids”.  In support of the project, members of the community were also able to donate their used ipads and kindles during the event. To deliver the Ipads to the kids who need them the most, The Society partnered with Art Start, an award-winning, nationally recognized organization for using the creative arts to transform young, at-risk lives. Soon, all donated ipads/kindles and tablets will meet those who need them the most. Forgot to bring your tablet to the event? Fret not! You can still ship it or hand deliver it to our offices located at 1460 Broadway, Suite 10023 New York, NY 10036.

Finally, we were very pleased to have The Fake Magazine as our media sponsor!


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