Promising Turks Fund

Promising Turks Fund

We’re thrilled to announce that our “Promising Turks Fund (the Grant)” is getting a major boost in 2024. With our commitment to supporting the dreams and ambitions of Turkish-descended students in the USA, we’re doubling our grant budget to $200,000 in 2024. This means more opportunities and bigger awards – up to $20,000 per student – to help cover your living expenses while you focus on your academic pursuits.

The Grant is open to qualified individuals of Turkish descent or nationality who meet the following:

  1. Currently enrolled as students at a US University with a scholarship specifically designated for a STEAM field or;
  2. Incoming students who have received acceptance from a US University for studies in a STEAM field and have already been awarded a scholarship.

Please note that already awarded scholarships could be in any form, including but not limited to a tuition waiver, a Fulbright scholarship, or another type of scholarship from a third-party institution etc. 

You are invited to send the following documents to the email address of 

  1. detailed resume, 
  2. motivation letter, 
  3. scholarship offer letter, and 
  4. contact details for two references. 

2023 Awardees