Moon and Stars Project Grants


Moon and Stars Project grants are dedicated to highlighting Turkey’s arts and culture scene and establishing a two-way cultural interaction between the United States and Turkey. The American Turkish Society awards competitive grants to support emerging and established artists in an effort to promote this cross-cultural dialogue.  Project-specific grants in support of travel and lodging are provided for projects exhibited in the U.S. The grant program is advised by Binnaz Saktanber and Kaan Nazli, former directors of The Moon and Stars Project and The Society’s Art & Culture Committee. 

The budget for the MASP grant is determined annually. The amount is typically divided between 3-4 projects. It is expected that the applicants secure other funders or sponsors to ensure the completion of their project.


Owner of the New York Turkish Film Festival, now in its 18th year, the film industry is near and dear to us. We are excited to announce that the MASP program, for a second year now, is accepting applications related to film projects at the post-production phase. While applications related to all types of films are encouraged, school projects will not be considered, in line with the program’s exclusion of academic grants. We welcome all relevant project owners to apply. 

As funding for MASP has increased, The Society is pleased to announce that larger projects are also encouraged to apply.


The program is currently not accepting applications

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Meet Our Advisors

Kaan Nazli

Kaan Nazli
Kaan Nazli

Kaan Nazli was one of the founding board members of the Moon and Stars Project and has been a leading part of the organization through its incorporation into The Society. Besides leading fundraising and communications efforts, he took part in several kinds of music, performing, and visual arts events and the flagship New York Turkish Film Festival. During his time in New York, he was also involved in theater, visual arts, and film productions as director and producer, most recently Yabancı, distributed in Turkey in 2013. Kaan is currently based between London, UK, and The Hague, Netherlands, leading emerging markets strategy at US investment manager Neuberger Berman, following prior positions at ING Investment Management, Medley Global Advisors and Eurasia Group. Kaan received a Bachelor’s degree in International Affairs from Ankara University School of Political Sciences, Turkey and earned a Master’s Degree in Political Economy from New York University. He has been a frequent commentator on emerging markets on Bloomberg, Bloomberg HT, CNN International, Reuters, and Wall Street Journal.


Binnaz Saktanber

Binnaz Saktanber
Binnaz Saktanber

Binnaz Saktanber is an arts manager and creative producer for international arts & culture organizations specializing in large-scale arts and film festivals. Over her career, she has produced concerts, film, performance & visual art events in partnership with The Museum of Modern Art, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Film at Lincoln Center, Carnegie Hall, and many other notable leaders of the field. Saktanber served as the Vice President of the Board of Directors, and later as the Arts and Culture Director of the Moon and Stars Project after the incorporation of the organization into The American Turkish Society, a process in which she had a pivotal role in.A Fulbright scholar with a BA in International Relations from Bilkent University and an MA in Politics from The City University of New York, Saktanber is also an accomplished writer and editor whose work on current affairs, politics, and arts and culture has appeared in publications like The Guardian, CNN International, Witte de With Review, Cumhuriyet, Hürriyet, Birikim and many others.


About the Moon and Stars Project

The Moon and Stars Project (MASP) was founded in 2002 in New York as a not-for-profit, all-volunteer organization, dedicated to promoting greater cultural interaction between the United States and Turkey. Since 2011, The Moon and Stars Project operates under the umbrella of The American Turkish Society, which continues the legacy of MASP through innovative arts & cultural programs.