Promising Turks Fund


WHAT IS PROMISING TURKS FUND? : This fund has been established by The Turkish American Association (TAA) and The American Turkish Society (ATS), two NGOs with a similar mission which is to enhance business, diplomatic and economic ties and cultural ties between The United States of America and Turkey.



For years, both The Turkish American Association and The American Turkish Society have been awarding scholarships to help successful Turkish students to study in the U.S. or learn English in Turkey. However, both organizations have observed over the years that, in addition to scholarships, there are also many young, bright, and promising Turkish students at the high school, college, masters and Ph.D. levels, who do not need scholarships, but instead have been invited by universities in the USA and need funding in accommodation and transportation to help them present their findings or scientific research at competitions, symposiums or conferences organized by prestigious U.S. education institutes or NGOs. Both organizations believe that these students are the Promising Turks that will contribute in promoting understanding between the two countries and improving cross-cultural dialogue. That is why both NGOs have decided to offer funding for Turkish students to represent Turkey in the U.S. in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematics (STEAM), and international relations.


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Funding will be open to individuals (minimum 100 USD) and corporate donations. The more donations are received, the more students will be able to represent Turkey in the U.S. The amount can be given to only one individual or to various individuals or groups based on their expenses.

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  • The funding is used only to cover the transportation and/or lodging costs and the event participation fee of the students.

  • U.S. Visa and passport fees

  • Per diem



  • High school, university students/teams/groups who have been invited to the U.S. to represent their school or themselves on behalf of Turkey
  • Masters and Ph.D. students who have been invited to the U.S. to represent Turkey at a conference or symposium
  • The field of representation is only STEAM and international relations. Applications for higher education in the U.S. or any kind of festival or concert participation is not subject to this funding
  • Individuals and/or groups need to submit all required official documentation to prove that they cannot cover the cost of the expenses subject to this funding



  • Must be a Turkish Republic citizen
  • Must be a high school or university student (including masters and Ph.D. students) or a group/team (public school students and groups/teams will be given priority)
  • Must be able to document the official invitation sent from the U.S. to participate in a competition, award ceremony, conference or symposium
  • Must have fully completed and submitted the online application form (including objectives of the event, broad details of estimated expenditures) and all required documents
  • Must present an official letter of permission from their school or university
  • Must present a letter of consent from parents (for high school students under 18)
  • Must present a copy of National identification


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