Onur Yalcin

Born in Turkey 2001, Onur Yalçın was accepted to Hacettepe Ankara State Conservatory in 2012. In 2016, he started playing trumpet by himself. At the end of that year, he started taking lessons from Julian Lupu, playing classical music.

He became interested in jazz in 2018 by playing and studying jazz by himself. Onur later was accepted to Middle East Technical University in 2019, and to Hacettepe University in 2020. Onur has been awarded highest marks by the Ankara State Conservatory Jazz Department. In 2021, he was accepted to Kunstuniversität Graz and started to work with Jim Rotondi. He has also worked with Imer Demirer, Kaan Karadavut, Danny Ziemann, Lorenz Raab,Renato Chicco

Onur is still studying under Jim Rotondi at Kunstuniversität Graz.