Meet Huo Rf, This Year's Scholarship Recipient of SVA's Summer Residency!

About The School of Visual Arts (SVA)

The School of Visual Arts (SVA) was founded in 1947 in New York City. It seeks to educate students through undergraduate degree programs, which prepare them for professions in visual arts.

The SVA Summer Residency Program

The Summer Residency Program at The School of Visual Arts (SVA) is an internationally-renowned program that offers artists, designers and creative thinkers time, space and a supportive community in which to develop ideas and focus on their artistic direction. Summer residents each have their own semi-private studio housed within SVA’s MFA Fine Arts department. Work in the studio is supported by individual studio visits from core faculty as well as from visiting artists, critics and arts professionals. The program culminates in an open studio exhibition, which enables the participants to present their work to the public.

Scholarships for Turkish Artists

Each year, The American Turkish Society offers a scholarship to a Turkish artist to attend SVA’s Summer Residency Program. Following a competitive selection process, SVA rewards one Turkish artist to benefit from the scholarship. SVA supports the scholarship program by waiving the tuition fee and ATS provides funding for the artist’s visa, travel, housing, living costs as well as funds needed to participate in the program.


This year’s scholarship recipient: Huo Rf


Huo Rf  (born in 1988, Mersin) lives and works in Istanbul. Huo Rf contemplates a wide range of topics including the theory of self, personal boundaries, encounters, modern-day myths and leaving traces. He mainly produces works using painting, sculpture, photography, video, and copper for its properties of conductivity, conveyance and reflectivity. Some of Huo Rf’s solo exhibitions are " ... was here- Elhamra Han, Istanbul (2018)", "Stories in Reverse - Pi Artworks Istanbul, (2017) ", " Possible - Karl Gallery Istanbul (2015)". Group exhibitions include Sunday Morning, Galerist, Istanbul (2018); Beyond Words, 4. International Mardin Biennial, Mardin (2018); KEK Sever Misiniz?, The Women’s  Library and Information Centre Foundation, Istanbul (2018); Spring, 13. Sharjah Biennial offsite Istanbul branch; Signs of Time, Istanbul (2017); Replaced, Rampa Istanbul (2016).



Co-founder of an Istanbul-based artist collective called Signs of Time, Huo Rf navigates the boundaries between the different definitions of the Self. He says the Self is possibly defined by who you are, the way you define yourself, and the way that society defines you.  These transparent categories are examined in Huo Rf’s work, seeking to articulate the problematic discords between them. Huo Rf finds himself extending the limits of his work and exploring new frontiers he interacts with on a daily basis.




Huo Rf will be attending Contemporary Practices from July 8-August 9, 2019. With this unique opportunity, he will have a chance to show his work to the artist community in New York.  




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