Global Shifts in a Post-Covid World

On June 30, The Society organized its monthly webinar: "Global Shifts in Innovation and Entrepreneurship in a post-COVID-19 World". Moderated by ATS Board member, Umran Beba, The Society's very own Young Society Leaders; Evren Ay, Hande Aksoy and Ongun Tan came together to share their insights on the challenges and opportunities organizations experienced during the pandemic as well as the future of work. The discussion also dove deep into how work conditions and consumer behaviors have changed during the pandemic and what this means for entrepreneurs, innovators, and business leaders. 

Launched in 2011, the Young Society Leaders (YSL) is a program that convenes a select, diverse group of the American-Turkish community’s most outstanding young leaders, in their 30s and 40s. Accomplished in their fields of business, law, medicine, journalism, academia, and the arts, these dedicated individuals are committed to an improved future of U.S.-Turkish business, diplomatic, and cultural ties.