Defne DemirerDefne Demirer was born in The United States in 1999. She started taking private piano lessons when she was four. She attended the Royal Academy Examinations (RAE) and finished the eight-year program when she was only eleven years old. After graduating from RAE she was selected to be a part-time student in Mimar Sinan University in Istanbul where she played the piano for 6 years. After completing a competitive examination, she got accepted into Robert High School in Istanbul. Defne was in the school's choir as well as in its orchestra. Defne formed a musical trio where they started performing classics from jazz, funk, and rock as well as their own composed music. After they recorded their music, Defne and her group started a radio show where they played both popular tunes and their own music. At this show, Defne and her friends mostly played songs from Tigran Hamasyan and Aziza Mustafa Zadeh. Her goal is to play Armenian/Turkish/Azerbaijani fusion and learn more about the principles of jazz.


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