Arda Kesim

Mehmet Arda Kesim
Mehmet Arda Kesim

Mehmet Arda Kesim is an eighteen-year-old Turkish musician and producer. He started his musical journey at the age of seven by taking piano classes in Izmir where he was studying at French elementary school Saint Joseph. A few years later he discovered Logic Pro, and with the support of his family he started producing at the age of twelve.

In the early years of his musical expedition, he produced for rappers he knew online. During this period he started to learn the basics of trumpet, guitar, and bass guitar. He played keyboard and trumpet in local groups in Bodrum, and started performing live sessions with his synthesizers and Ableton at local performance halls in Bodrum.

When he was sixteen, he was discovered by a very well-known Turkish producer, Iskender Paydas. First, he started working as an intern in Paydas Studio. The following year, he also had the chance to take roles in production processes of popular Turkish musicians’ albums and learned recording techniques and basic mixing that inspired him to be a professional producer in the future. After working as a production assistant at the Paydas Studio and PayRec, he worked on Dilberay (movie) and Sen Yasamaya Bak (Netflix movie) as the music production assistant.

He continues to produce for various rappers and R&B singers.