Annual Gala 2019

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the Vehbi Koç Foundation. Since 1969 the Vehbi Koç Foundation has been a role model for philanthropic excellence in Turkey. The Foundation has been a leader in the fields of education, health and culture, founding and supporting many important institutions such as libraries, schools, art and research institutes and hospitals. The Foundation has also been a leader in providing educational scholarships to many talented young people with limited financial resources. The foundation’s philanthropic efforts have made substantial and enduring contributions to the development of the Turkish society and more importantly, have set the standard for philanthropic activities in Turkey.

2019 also marks the 70th anniversary of The American Turkish Society. For seven decades, The Society has worked to develop US-Turkey relations and cross-cultural programming. The gala is a timely and important event for the business and civic leaders of both the United States and Turkey. At the event we will welcome guests from the public and private sectors, including diplomats, leading business executives, artists, scholars and thought leaders from both countries. Attendees will have the opportunity to exchange views and reinforce our strategic relationship and historical friendship between the U.S. and Turkey. Equally important, the beneficiaries of this evening will be the various programs The American Turkish Society has been organizing to further business, educational and cultural ties between our two countries. Proceeds from the evening will directly benefit The American Turkish Society’s education, arts, culture, and business programs.

We hope you will join us in honoring the Vehbi Koç Foundation. Your participation will help make this event a fitting tribute to an extraordinary foundation and will be an important gift to The Society.