A Welcoming Reception for Class of 2019 Young Society Leaders

On February 19, The Society organized a welcoming reception for our new class, Class of 2019 Young Society Leaders at the beautiful Sabah Studio in New York. Our host, Mickey Ashmore, CEO of Sabah Shoes and Young Society Leader from Class of 2017, provided an amazing vibe with his cozy showroom and light hors-d'oeuvres that helped us have a successful event.

At the reception, Co-Chair of The American Turkish Society, Larry Kaye talked about The Society and its programs. Ertem Osmanoglu, our Chairman explained what it means to be a Young Society Leader,   how they can benefit from the program and how YSL committees and their functions help advance the YSL mission. Finally,  we were also pleased to have Howard Beasey and Mario Diel attend as our special guests and thank them for their interest in meeting our new Young Society Leaders.  

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