Mehmet Ali Simayli

Mehmet was a 17-year-old musician from ─░stanbul, Turkey when he was offered the Arif Mardin Summer Fellowship at Berklee in 2016. His musical voyage began at a young age as he was influenced by his father to play piano and guitar. Along with the piano and guitar, he was also interested in rhythm instruments and percussions. At age seven his mother and father took him to a workshop with a famous percussionist, named Oktay Temiz, where he discovered other instruments, such as the bendir and the darbuka. It was here that Mehmet realized his passion for music was rooted in his soul. Shortly afterwards, he discovered his interest in rhythm and drums. “Finding myself in front of the drum set was a real turning point,” says Mehmet. “I spent a lot of time on the drums and it eventually became my number one, favorite instrument amongst all others.”

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