Defne Tesal

Defne Tesal was awarded the Scholar of Visual Arts Summer Residency Grant in 2015 for her work in fiber art, contemporary embroidery, and painting and animation. Tesal's artwork has been published in numerous periodicals, including La Depesche, Normandie, and a book titled:  "Art Book" by Alizee Bayssat. She has also been a part of group exhibitions since 2006, and her solo exhibitions started in 2013. She is currently working at an art collective in Istanbul, Turkey before starting her Master's Degree of Fine Arts in Holland later this year. As part of her artistic statement to the SVA she wrote: "I'm trying to find a way to express both wild excitement and calmness. The opposite feelings of high and low, at the same time. Giving the hypothetical person in front of me, a feeling of great joy, liberation and liveliness but also stillness and peace. In search of this, I sometimes move to more monochrome a minimal state of mind. On the other hand, sometimes I go to an extremely expressive state and the color becomes the most important aspect of my work."

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